Preston McCollum Wildstyle Artist

Born in Denver, Raised in Denver, Lives in Denver... with several stops in Gunnison in between. "When I was young I was completely consumed by the world of art. I can't explain it, I start into one of my works and the days fly by. It's as if I'm existing in a different world. I think about what I'm working on day and night...", those are the words of Preston McCollum, a Denver-based Wildstyle Artist, who is exploding on the art scene. "I draw inspiration from guys like Banksy and others, they just do what they want to do, what they feel. It's that integrity that the world needs now. If I can share a glimpse into what my brain is doing, my artwork is as close as anyone is going to get.".

Wildstyle Art is a form of Graffiti Art that the street uses to communicate with itself. The letter is sometimes hard to decipher, but to the experienced, those who have lived the streets, the messages could not be clearer. We invite you to understand, accept, and embrace this genre of urban art. It's never boring.

Wildstyle Graffiti Art

Over 20 Years Experience
  • Custom Dye and Paint
  • Any Format (Paper, Canvas, Board)

Tattoo Art

Over 2 Years Experience
  • Any Body Part
  • Private Appointment Based

Mural & Outdoor

Over 10 Years Experience
  • Commissioned Projects Only
  • Pre-Sketch Required

Commercial for Marketing & Branding

Over 10 Years Experience
  • Print-Ready Marketing Materials
  • Digital for the Internet

A true and inspiring visionary, a man of many nations, races, and creeds. I weep at my lack of measure when faced with such brilliance and swagger.

Norman Schippert, Pewee Valley, Kentucky

Complete love, giving, and empathy envelope you when in this artist's presence, and he's never a bogart!

Tom Schippert, Ken Caryl, Colorado

Never right, but seldom in doubt. Typical artist. Will probably die broke, but the artwork will be worth millions. What else is new...

Napoleon Dynamite II, Somewhere in the Stix, Colorado